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"Imagination has more power than knowledge"... Albert Einstein

Imagination of Uma Shankar Goel Educational Trust has given birth to “Delhi Institute of Engineering And Technology”. The Management has sown the seed of Technical education. For its proper growth, it should be manured and watered properly so that it would be able to spread its roots as well as branches all around the world. To achieve the same said, its employees should work with dedication because whatever will be infused in the Institute in first two three years that will reflect in whole of its life. This may be in terms of teaching learning activities , discipline or Co-curricular or extracurricular activities.
To achieve the aforesaid growth and to fulfill the dream of myself, to elevate it to the level of centre of excellence, we should identify the challenges for the higher education system and Endeavour to cater to these challenges.
We are also aware of the fast changing scenario of world’s Technology. We will keep pace with the scenario through value addition modules to ensure that our passing out students meet all professional requirements.We have to put emphasis on personal grooming and personality development of our students. For these activities we will acquire the services of the professionals to ensure our students to be well groomed to be outstanding personalities in their profession lives.
It will always be our endeavor to enrich continuously our resources to make DIET a centre of excellence in Technical education & research. Wishing you a serene learning experience at DIET and pledge to work hard together to get a fast growing career at the end of the education at DIET.